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I like the premise of aussie Thor.
Super fun and appealing simple animation, gud job!

Ok this is too good, I gotta watch it a bunch of times again. this is the greatest music video thing I've seen on NG for years.
Everything was brilliant, but, was that a shitake flying saucer??? that's genius!

jellyeyes responds:

Thanks, its a portobello mushroom I think, I might make a whole video about flying mushroom alien invasion in the future.

Always great seeing puppets on NG's frontpage, and even more so merged with super high quality animation! and thats coming from someone who's not a big fan of digital cutout stuff

Zika dmais mein, continua produzindo!

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I loved this! I love bitsy games because they're very limited gameplay wise, so if you manage to make something fun, it's because you got an incredible idea behind it, and this was a great one!
at first I thought the last line from the janitor was a quote from the simpsons when maggie says "this is indeed a disturbing universe", and she's voiced by James Earl Jones, so that's how the janitor sounds in my head now.

Also I see you responded to some reviews talking about audio, I've seen a few bitsy pieces with audio and there seems to be a few ways to do that https://www.clairemorleyart.com/bitsy-extras

I meant to write a review for this the first time I played it, but I've opened up this game a few times since and I'm always like "damn this is fun!" I end up playing for like an hour and eventually just close out the page quickly so I won't just spend my day playing it... and I forget to review

What I wanna say is, the way things work in this tiny game are super fun, you can try to clear every level in a milion different cool and trickier ways, please please please expand on this prototype, I've been playing your tiny games and they're all fun, but this one may be my fave

StuffedWombat responds:


thanks for the kind words, it is very nice to see that people are enjoying these reduced games :)

I am currently working (among way too many other things) on an expanded version of Handulum!
But it may take quite some time before it is finished :/

Making tiny things is so fast that sometimes you just land on something that works accidentally, but replicating that feeling is very hard and maybe even impossible!

I hope you will enojy the next version of handulum as well, when it comes out :)

Have a nice day!

Oh god I loved this too much,
even though you're supposed to make "crappy sounding music" the quality was great, the art was unique and very appealing, it worked perfectly, and it was just really really fun.
Please get this team again and do more musical little game things!

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This is way too good, I love acappella stuff and you nailed it! please do more! I would love to hear an original piece arranged like this(I know it would be thought but c'mon dude)

Bertn1991 responds:

Ooh, thank you for the kind words :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I'm especially happy that you like a cappella stuff too. I'm not doing any of the singing, mind you. I'm definitely no singer. I have done other songs in this style, though, and I'll definitely do more. I have a song called "Rats Flats" and another called "Honeycomb Flats" that are original tunes done in the a capella style.

Thanks again, dude :)

Fucking great!
Also the melody in the begging sounded a lot like the SSBM menu, happy memories.

Holy shit this sounds super!

I really thought the vocals with a nice variation stood out of the gigantic mass of generic metal/heavyrock vocals you find on covers in NG/youtube, great rendition of a kickass classic.

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Your stuff is always great, I'd love to collaborate!

ChutneyGlaze responds:

I like the way you rhyme. I think you'll do just fine!

They should give you 10 steam keys, it's only fair

AlixBalica responds:

I've done BIGGER and BETTER stuff since I spawned this shit (right after the beta was out I think?).
Tho yeah, I gotta agree <3

Now I wanna hear Oney and Zach screaming "TETSUOOOO" and "KANEDAAAA" at each other so bad
Oh and the picture looks pretty cool whatever

deathink responds:



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